What We Do

Individual Requests

Our unique item registry and donation structure ensures all donated items go directly to the children who need it most.

Schools and parents can request an item which we will add to our online item registryDonors may browse the registry and contact us if they have items to donate. This way, all donated items will be directly delivered to the individual who submitted the request.

Special Projects Initiative

Selected schools can be part of our Special Projects Initiative in which we adopt a school and focus our fundraising goals to collect all items from their registry.

If your school is in need of many items (athletic equipment, musical instruments, clothing, toys, children’s books or textbooks), you can contact us to be our special projectWe will receive your request and get in contact with you. We will then post your school’s story on our special projects page and and item requests on our item registry page. We will focus our fundraising efforts on your school and advertise through various means to ensure that the items you requested for your school will be attained within your timeframe and delivered to your school!

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