Current and Past Projects

Our Special Projects Initiative is aimed to provide students with the exact resources and items they need to succeed.


Windsor Elementary School:

ABOUT THE SCHOOL: Windsor Elementary is a school located on the corner of Gilley and Imperial, just north of Kingsway.  We are a school which prides itself on building community and providing students with a safe and welcoming environment to learn and grow.  Our school focuses on respect, ownership, cooperation, kindness and safety. We have over 25 languages spoken in the school and we aim to welcome families and students from around the world.  We have many new families in the area and some that are new to Canada where English is now a second, or in some cases, a third language for them to learn.


Harry Hooge Elementary School: 

ABOUT THE SCHOOL: Harry Hooge School is located in central Maple Ridge, BC.  We have 430 students in grades K-7.   Our school has a breakfast program and lunch program to assist our students who come to school hungry.  Approximately 10% of our population lives below the poverty line and many of our families struggle to make ends meet.  Our school has more students designated with special needs than any other school in Maple Ridge.   According to MDI research conducted by UBC, 27% of our students score low in the well-being index (measuring physical health and social and emotional development).


Edmonds Community School:


ABOUT THE SCHOOL: Edmonds Community School is a hub of support for the students, families and community members of Edmonds. With a long history of welcoming new Canadians to Burnaby, Edmonds Community School is always on the look-out for community partners who are looking to make a difference in the lives of students and families. We are a unique school in that many of the families who settle here have come from challenging circumstances, and who are ready to learn and embrace life in Canada. There is a deep sense of appreciation and mutual support within our community.


Admiral Seymour Elementary School:

ABOUT THE SCHOOL: Seymour Elementary School is a caring community of staff, students and parents.  We are committed to promoting academic excellence in a culturally diverse setting.  We adhere to the philosophy that all students can learn and encourage our children to become socially responsible citizens. At Seymour School we are: mindful of ourselves, mindful of this place, and mindful of others. commercial shops, and the unique combination of restored heritage and social housing. We enroll approximately 115 students in 6 divisions with an additional three classes for a start-up school. Our community is truly multicultural and diverse with significant numbers of English Language Learners, Aboriginal children, & those with special learning challenges. Click below to find out what donations we are collecting for this school!



A huge thank you to Mr. Alex Wells for an incredible performance at Seymour Elementary on October 5th! All the kids and staff greatly enjoyed his scintillating performance and workshops with the kids!


Lord Strathcona Elementary School:

On January 17th, 2017 YNOTFORTOTS donated the following to Lord Strathcona Elementary:

  • 24 double packs of lice treatment kits.
  • 14 beautiful Aboriginal story books.
  • 12 sheet sets (12 fitted and 12 flat sheets) + 2 extra flat sheets.
  • 31 pillow cases.
  • 5 comforters + 5 duvet covers.
  • 5 pillow covers to prevent bed bugs.
  • 2 pillows.
  • A bunch of cute stuffed animals

On April 4th, 2017 YNOTFORTOTS donated:

  • 22 brand new pillows.
  • 7 comforters.
  • 20 pillow protectors (to protect against bed bug infestations).
  • 12 mattress protectors (to protect against bed bug infestations).

ABOUT THE SCHOOL: Strathcona is Vancouver’s oldest elementary school and was built in 1891. Lord Strathcona is a large, complex, dual track, enhanced services Tier I school with strong parental support and community involvement through partnerships with various groups and agencies. Strathcona has 574 students enrolled from kindergarten to Grade 7. Strathcona is committed to fostering student academic achievement for all learners. Strathcona, as a Tier I Enhanced Services school, receives extra services, supports and staff to meet the needs of our vulnerable learners.


John Henderson Elementary School:  

Co-founders Mohit Sodhi and Lindsay Richter as well as YNOTFORTOTS UBC president Conrad Bayley and VP Finance Jason Roh had an awesome time meeting all the kids of John Henderson Elementary. The kids had prepared incredible thank-you performances for us, including singing, playing the djembes, and dancing the Juju on That Beat! We donated:

  • 15 size 3 basketballs
  • 10 microscopes
  • 15 scooter-boards
  • 10 African drums
  • 15 ukuleles

ABOUT THE SCHOOL: We want to welcome all students, staff and parents to John Henderson Elementary School. Our school is committed to supporting engaged learners and fostering a caring and inclusive school community. We welcome learners of all types and invite you to contact our staff to learn more about the wide-range of excellent educational programs and services we offer at our school. Our mission at John Henderson Elementary School is to encourage students to respect themselves and others and to strive to do their personal best in all ways. Each of the citizens of the Henderson Elementary School community are expected to be safe, be fair, and be kind! 



Florence Nightingale Elementary School: 

Co-founder Mohit Sodhi and YNOTFORTOTS UBC president Conrad Bayley had an awesome time delivering presents at the Florence Nightingale Elementary Christmas concert! The kids had amazing performances and loved their gifts!  We donated:

  • 25 individual white boards for students + pens + erasers
  • 5 staplers + staple removers + staples
  • 6 fun and active games for the kids
  • Numerous Christmas themed stuffed animals for the kids to play with and enjoy!



Queen Alexandra Elementary School:

On June 14th we had the opportunity to go to Queen Alexandra Elementary School and deliver our donations (which were worth over $1000!) A huge thank you to those who donated to YNOTFORTOTS during our past fundraisers, we couldn’t have done it without you! We acquired the following items for Queen Alexandra Elementary School:

  • 10 basketballs.
  • 10 soccer balls.
  • 10 skipping ropes.
  • 5 frisbees.
  • 5 buckets of sidewalk chalk.
  • 5 large bottles of bubble soap.

IMG_7665 (1)

ABOUT THE SCHOOL: The Queen Alexandra F.A.M.I.L.Y. (Fine Arts Multicultural Integrated Learning for Youth) is an Enhanced Services School (previously called an Inner City School). We are a Tier 1 school, meaning our students have the highest needs and most vulnerable. Students are frequently living in poverty and do not have the same degree of exposure or opportunities as the majority of students attending Vancouver schools. We have a diverse population with 85 Aboriginal students, 80 English language learners and 50 students with special needs. We greatly appreciate support from our community partners to help provide opportunities to these students that their families may not other wise be able to provide. We find that physical activity at recess and lunchtime helps build healthy students and develop physical skills to ensure positive participation. The items our item registry are to support this healthy living lifestyle.

saved in NEWS folder- school may be closed by the VSB


Aboriginal Focus School (Macdonald Elementary): 

IMG_7519 1.08.07 AMWe are very happy to announce that we had a very successful and fun day at the Aboriginal Focus School (Macdonald Elementary) when 3 time world hoop dancing champion Alex Wells (who also performed at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics) visited. He had a very captivating performance, along with his daughters Char and Amber. His extensive workshop with all the kids of the school was incredibly fun, inspirational, and educational. We hope to work with this school further in the future!


ABOUT THE SCHOOL: The Aboriginal Focus School in Vancouver is a choice school where families can send their children and where students learn the BC Curriculum with an Aboriginal lens. The students acquire skill and knowledge to become Stewards of the Land and Waters of British Columbia. Students learn with a wide range of Aboriginal learning resources. Children are taught by enthusiastic and culturally knowledgeable staff. Learning is hosted in a colourful and engaging learning environment replete with Aboriginal art, cultural symbols and performances. As a part of the final point we would like to enrich our students’ learning with performances, and that is why we requested YNOTFORTOTS to help bring in a world renowned Aboriginal Hoop Dancer to do an educational performance for the children.


Mount Pleasant Community Centre – Our House Child Care Centre:


We donated a trampoline for a young non-verbal boy with autism at the Our House Child Care Center as well as some stuffed animals and some fun games!

ABOUT THE CENTRE: The Mount Pleasant Community Centre Association is a Non-Profit Organization that provides Licensed Childcare Programs to a 49 space daycare, 160 space Preschool and 65 spaces Out of School Care. The MPCCA currently employs 32 staff members. They exist to provide safe, affordable, high quality child care for infants, toddlers, preschool and school age children. They aim to create programs that continually meet the developmental needs of each child, while benefitting the child, family, staff and community.

We acquired the following items for the Our House Child Care Centre:

  • 1 40-inch trampoline with hand rails.
  • Extra items we donated: many children’s games and stuffed animals.


Florence Nightingale Elementary School:


We had the pleasure of attending the fun filled school assembly at Florence Nightingale School! We acquired the following items for Florence Nightingale Elementary School:

  • 25 soccer balls
  • 10 yoga mats
  • 4 9×12 carpets for classrooms.
  • Extra items we donated: many stuffed animals.

ABOUT THE SCHOOL: Florence Nightingale Elementary School currently enrolls 223 students, ranging from kindergarten to grade 7. They have a diverse population of children from about 16 different countries. Florence Nightingale Elementary School enrolls 11 divisions including one special district program called the SEAD program. This enrolls 10 students and provides intensive social, emotional, and academic support. They are a designated Inner City School (now referred to as Enhanced Services). Florence Nightingale Elementary School’s code of conduct is HAWKS (Honest, Awesome Attitude, Working Hard, Kind, and Safety). Their teachers exemplify this motto as they are incredibly caring, collaborative, and professional.

Stay tuned for updates on Special Project progress.  Thank you!


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Feel free to take a look through our current ITEM REGISTRY to see if there are any items that you have that you could donate to a school or child in need.