Purpose: The goal of the SuperACTIVE Workshop is to encourage students to get active, which is important for a healthy mind and lifestyle! The activities will teach participants to hone their SuperSkills including speed, agility, accuracy, and strength, and incorporates the important aspect of teamwork.


  1. SuperSkills superhero training with fun and active games
  2. Various guest speakers


Purpose: The SuperARTSY workshop gives students the opportunity to explore and solidify the themes of SuperYOU through art, allowing them to express their creativity while working towards a permanent fixture and self-crafted workshop souvenirs. The mural collective canvas painting that will be created, consisting of individually student-painted sections that come together to create a collective meaningful art piece, will be displayed in the host school as the keepsake of the day. By offering these experiences, we hope to provide students with a creative outlet to enhance their personal expressivity.


  1. Creating a collective canvas that will be displayed in the school after the event
  2. Creating your own superhero emblem that each kid can take home
  3. Guest visitor: Trevor Code from Opus Art Supplies



The SuperME Workshop gives students the opportunity to work towards overcoming stereotypes, bolstering self-esteem, and fostering social responsibility. Students will discuss various anti-bullying strategies and promote compassion and empathy among their peers. This workshop will focus on responsible decision making through the fun choose your own adventure activity: “what would SuperYOU do?” Topics include: social responsibility, diversity, stereotypes, compassion, respect, self-esteem, and anti-bullying.


  1. “What would SuperYOU do?” choose your own adventure activity and scenario discussion groups
  2.  Wellness speaker: Mariana Campos (coach and counsellor) [check her out on instagram @eazu_wellness]