St. John’s School

April 1, 2017 (1 pm – 3 pm)

In the past few months, a group grade 11 students will be working hard to organize an incredible art auction called Exceptional Minds. High school students from the IB Art classes at St. John’s School and elementary school students at John Henderson Elementary have agreed to create some masterpieces to auction. These pieces will include stories, canvas paintings, and some photography. All proceeds of the auction sales will go straight to helping YNOTFORTOTS’ special project schools. We thank them for their time and support!

Ongoing in 2017

A separate group of grade 11 students will also be working hard to help support YNOTFORTOTS’ special project schools. Until May 2017, they will be collecting item donations via donation drives for cooking equipment, art supplies, and sporting goods for Edmonds Community School and sporting goods for Harry Hooge Elementary school. We thank them for their continued support!